Thursday, January 25, 2007


6:30 vinyasa yoga
AM weight 128 2

Wed. menu

4-9:00 coffee w/cream 85 cal.
11:00 coffee w/ cocoa 120 cal.
12:00 apple and dates 165 cal.
1:30 yogurt shake w/blueberries, strawberries and fiber 375 cal.
4:00 2 prunes 40 cal.
6:15 veg soup w/butternut squash and 4 oz. chicken 400 cal.

Total calories 1185

I think I've eaten more chicken in the last 6 months than I have the last 6 years! Since I try and cook things in advance it's been extremely easy for me to cook extra chicken when I cook the chicken stock for my soup. And since I always need bones for stock I buy alot of chicken. I make about 6 quarts of chicken stock every 10 days or so.

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