Friday, January 19, 2007

Warrior Diet Style

Yesterday was brutal! I had many things going on that kept me away from home. I didn't get any workouts in, not even a quick walk. Food wasn't a problem because that's always a priority. But something interesting happened. Because I was away from home I had small snacks with me throughout the day, prunes of course, fruit, nuts, lots of water. I didn't really eat until 6:00 when I got home. At that point I ate quite a bit, not huge but it wasn't until I added up my calories for the day that I realized I was at almost 1800! Almonds add up quick!

But when I woke up this morning I felt thin. I got on the scale and was almost 2 pounds down from yesterday. I realized that my eating yesterday was more of a Warrior Diet style, a semi-fast and then eating most of my calories at 6:00. Although I'm not ready to go back to that style of eating an a regular basis, I'm thinking that it might be worth practicing once a week. After all I'm not interested in losing any more weight at this point.

Anyway, I'm going through exercise withdrawl and have to hit the ground running today! I have to go to yoga, I have to get in a good swing workout, I have to get my food prepared and spend the majority of the day at work.

P.S. most of yesterday afternoon was spent in Santa Cruz at Samuel O'Reilly's Tattoo Parlour, check out Mark's blog. He now has one bad-ass KB tatoo celebrating his promotion to Sr. RKC.

Thurs AM weight 127.4
No exercise

Thurs. menu

coffee w/cream, cocoa 185 cal.
oatmeal w/milk and sugar 275 cal.
prunes/PNB 190 cal.
lg apple 125 cal.
grapes 60 cal.
cabbage salad w/6oz. pork 500 cal.
crimson raisins and almond 150 cal./300 cal.

Total calories 1785

I recently started eating my oatmeal with milk and plain white sugar (2 teas.). Because I took my oatmeal to work one day and all they had at work was white sugar (for coffee) so I used some and the flavor took me right back to my childhood! Remembering being a kid, it was a comforting feeling! So I like it, I'll keep it that way for a while.

Thurs. was a busy, but good day. Life is good.

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