Thursday, January 4, 2007

Evolution of a Diet

I have so many to thoughts about this subject, "evolution of a diet", it will take me days to sort it out. So I'll just start, and see where it goes.

I think that most personal trainers and/or anyone in the business of helping people lose weight would advocate food journaling. I certainly do. So I''ll start here, I did not food jounal the whole first year of my diet. I started this time last year when I set a goal to become certified to teach KB and I needed to get my weight down from 138 to 132. At below 132 my snatch test would only require me to snatch 20 reps R & L instead of 32 ( I'm not entirely positve of these numbers). I knew I could meet the requirement of the lower weight class and didn't want to fail trying for the higher number. After all I hadn't even been training for a year at that point.

The reason I didn't feel the need to food journal my first year was because I was highly motivated and I knew what I needed to do. I was not in denial about how many calories I had been eating to make me fat. Alot of people choose not to face exactly how many calories they consume in a day. Or they honestly just don't know (mostly the former). In fact even after you decide to write everything down you might still be tempted to lie about it, I know even I struggle with this to this day! So one of the first reasons to food journal is to come face to face with your calories.

So when it came to the point of "fine tuning" my diet, and that can mean a variety of things;

exact calorie count,
nutrition distribution (protein, fat carbs etc.),
what types of food affect my weight,
what time of day I eat,
it can also include feelings about food,( lack of or too much of)

I knew I was at the point of having to look at the details. It was critical to develop this discipline to reach, for me, this very serious new goal. So another reason is to be able to "fine tune" your eating. This also, of course, applies to your training as well.

My food journal is my personal account for me. What I hope to accmplish by posting my daily food is to encourage the habit of food journaling to those that can benefit from this type of discipline. Just the fact that I make myself do it , not the details of exactly what I eat, is the example I would like to set.

I'm still currently at the point of "fine tuning". In this last year I have been able to see how my eating and training has evolved. How my goals have evolved. And now how at this point my feeling about food are evolving.

To be continued...

Right now I have to go out in my cold garage and do my snatch WO!

Tues. menu
AMweight 133 (5am) 132.4 (6:30am) 131.2 (afternoon)
7pm Bikram yoga

coffee w/cream, coffee w/cocoa 155 cal.
large apple 140 cal.
veg soup w/5oz chicken 300 cal.
decaff coffee w/cocoa 70 cal.
large pear 120 cal.

Total calories 775

Wed. menu
AM weight 129.8

coffee w/ cream 85 cal.
3 prunes 75 cal.
broccoli salad w/tuna 360 cal. (broccoli, red cabbage, carrot, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, low cal dressing, tuna and mayo)
coffee w/ cocoa 70 cal. ( should of had decaff! )
veg soup w/chicken 300 cal.
large pear 120 cal.

Total cal. 1010

Wanted to do a quick 30 min swing WO before work but decided it was more important to clean my house. Trying to remind myself about the importance of balance.

Tues. and Wed. were great days!

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Gerald said...

you are having a positive effect on your longevity. a lifestyle is the way to great living thank you for inspiring me