Saturday, January 6, 2007

Friday, Life Happens

No workouts today, not even a walk. Inbetween workouts and dieting, life happens! I had to take my new adopted stray cat to be nuetered today, I had to drive to Santa Cruz this morning and I had a full schedule at work. Mostly upset about not being able to go to a yoga class, but I guess life's not all about me! This is where the "balance" comes in!

AM weight 128.2

Friday menu

5-9:00 coffee w/cream 135 cal.
9:30 1/2 large pear 60 cal.
12:30 oatmeal w/milk and 1 t. sugar 280 cal.
2:15 2 prunes (nature's candy!) 50 cal.
5:00 large apple 120 cal.
5:15 veg soup w/tortellini, 2oz. chicken, butternut squash puree 460 cal.
6:15 decaff coffee w/peppermint cocoa power 65 cal.

Total calories 1070

Friday was a good day (not for Eddie!)

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