Friday, January 5, 2007

Snatch WO

One of the hardest things about working out in your own garage is that's it's stinking COLD! It never gets warm out there from Oct thru April. I used to walk for 20-30 min beforehand to get my old body to warm up, but nothing works better than a hot bath for 10 min. That's what Mark started doing and it works wonderfully. I was actually sweating my ass off about 20 min into my WO. Felt good!

Since my yoga schedule has been so screwed up I haven't made it to class more than 2x a week. And I always overstretch, especially my hamstrings. Physically I have recovered from my cold, I feel great, so I was really looking forward to doing my snatch WO. But after my warm up I felt a little pulling behind my right thigh (from overstretching in yoga) and I knew I would have to combine my snatches with alot of swings and be careful not to push too hard.

Here's what I did;

7:00am KB w/26

Warm up

40 2 hand swings, 1 min on 1 min rest x 3 sets = 6 min.
30 L, 30 R 1 hand swings, switching every 10 reps. 1.5 min on 1 min. rest x 2 sets = 5 min.

Work sets


1 swing, 1 snatch 1 trans, 11 L, 11 R = 2 min. on 1 min. rest

1 snatch, 2 trans., 10 L, 10 R = 2 min. on 1min. rest

1 snatch, 1 trans., 12 L, 12 R = 2 min. on 1 min. rest

I alternated these 3 sets in this order 4 times adding in 1 repeat of #1 at the end of the WO. So 13 sets = 3 min. each (including rest period) = 39 min.

Total WO time 50 min.

AM weight 128.8

Thurs. menu

5-9:00 coffee w/cream, coffee w/cocoa (1 tbl.=35 cal.) 120 cal.
12:30 large apple 120 cal.
2:00 decaff coffee w/cocoa (2tbl.) 70cal.
2:50 2 prunes 50 cal.
3:00 veg soup w 5oz. chicken, butternut squash puree 350 cal.
5:45 ice cream 60 cal.
6:00 broccoli salad w/tuna (broccoli, carrot, red onion, red grapes, tuna / dressing, 1 1/2 tbl. mayo, 1 tbl silken tofu, red wine vinegar, squeeze of lemon, 1 t. sugar) 350 cal.
6:15 1/2 large pear 60 cal.

Total calories 1180

I can feel my attitude about food shifting lately. Thurs. was a good day.


Sarah said...

I have really enjoyed your blog. I have been adding your workout ideas to my KB workouts. I am curious about caloric intake. Only 1200 calories today, isn't that a little light considering your amount of working out?

Tracy said...

Sarah, There is so much I want to say about dieting that I haven't had the time to explain this last week's calorie count. Thanks for noticing. I never take for granted that anyone is really interested!

This last week was an amazing week for me emotionally about food. It was also partly an experiment. I haven't quite "figured it out" but hopefully I'll talk about it in the coming weeks.

I was trying to really think about hunger this week. Asking myself if I was truly hungry or if it was just "meal time". and I found that I haven't had the anxiety around food that I used to.

I was planning on reviewing my food journal today (thank goodness I write everything down) and see when it was I had my last "out of control" feeling (mostly focused around sweets).

I ate just as much good healthy food as I normally do the difference in calories came from the lack of junk food (junk food for me is sweets).

This morning (Sat.) I weighed 126.2! The lowest I've ever weighed (too low for me!) Next week I can be more careful to get my calories up to 1500-1800 where they really need to be. Tracy