Monday, March 24, 2008

1000 Swing Monday

I'm really diggin' this 1000 swing workout....the key, for me, is to make it hard enough. The point is not to swing a light (for you) bell just to get the number, you have to take it to where the weight/work sets/rest periods will keep your heartrate on a certain target. Mine was consistent @ 160-170 after the 3 set rotation, lowering down to around 140 during the last rest period.

Warm up

20 misc. swings w/12kg, 30 sec work, 30 sec. rest x 5 sets = 5 min.

Work sets

40 2 hand swings w/16kg, 1 min work,
30 sec rest
40 2 hand swings w/20kg, 1 min work,
30 sec rest,
20 2 hand swings w/24kg, 30 sec work,
1 min. rest

100 swings / 4.5 min. per rotation, x 10 sets = 1000 swings, 45 min.

Total workout 50 min.


william said...

Nice work with the 24kg.

Tracy said...


The hardest set was the 20kg for 1 min. after only 30 sec rest period. I'm trying to keep my arms straighter!

Colin said...

Tracy I know from reading your blog you LOVE veggies. I was just wondering if you do or have considered growing your own?

I got a fantastic little book today all about setting up your own plot for year round ultrafresh veg.

The advantages and benefits of it are amesome.

fivebinghams said...


Wow! still amazed and will continue to be in awe of what you do. I too am in the process of being great, wait a minute, I am great ;)

Tracy said...


Growing requires a knowledge of science...I was not gifted in that area...thank God for farmers.

Besides I'm too busy snatching kettlebells, lol.

Tracy said...


You are great!