Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, clean/press/squat

After doing a workout with my client @10am, I got distracted....ran couple of errands....and by the time I got home I was so hungry, I ate, and then had to wait a couple of hours to finally get to my own workout! Man, with a full belly and it being so late in the afternoon, it was harder than usual!

Warm up
750 swings w/12kg earlier in the day!

Work sets

18 dbl swings, 30 sec work,
30 sec rest
7 dbl clean press, 30 sec work,
30 sec rest
8 clean, squat w/16kg, 30 sec work,
30 sec rest
40 2 hand swings w/16kg, 1 min work,
30 sec rest

these 4 sets alternating 8 x 4.5 min roatation = 36 min.

40 2 hand swings w/16kg x 5 sets = 10 min.

Total workout 46 minutes

I chose not to do a high volume swing workout, instead this morning I'll go to yoga class and then if I'm feeling it, I do a high volume 30 min, or 1000 swing workout....if I'm feeling it! I'll have the chance to do it tomorrow if I'm not! (feeling it, that is, lol )

I had never worked with collard greens before...can you believe it? I bought them for the very first time at the FM yesterday, because they looked so fresh. I love them! Not only do I like the texture, but I like the look of them....food many times is about eye appeal, for me....I like how striaght you can cut the leaves, stack them, and then slice into ribbons accross the width, after cutting the stem away. I want to buy more today for my soup, only I'll use 2 bunches instead of one, and less cabbage.

I added the sliced collard green leaves to my veggies soup, at the same time as the rest of the veggies. I didn't use any seasonings except for salt, because I just wanted to taste fresh and clean flavors of the veggies, especially the collards. (photo is soup before I added the stock)


magawisca said...

You should also sautee then in a little olive oil w/ red pepper. Add salt and pepper.

Or the old-fashioned way, boil them in a pot with vinegar and smoked turkey.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Hmmm...I just bought another bunch today....it's destined for more soup, but I can see they'll have a regular place in future meals.