Tuesday, March 18, 2008

High Volume in 30 minutes...or less

900 reps

Tuesday morning during 6:30am Bikram yoga I started to calculate combinations for some high volume 30 minute workouts. One just stuck in my head, and that was for a 45 sec. set (30 reps), with a 15 sec rest....x 30. I came home and started swinging.

Work sets w/16kg

10 2 hand swing, 10 one hand transfers, 10 2 hand swings, 30 reps, 45 sec work,
15 sec rest

x 30 sets = 30 minutes 900 reps (600 2 hand swings, 300 1 hand transfers)

It was my intention to alternate the same combination with the 16kg and the 20kg, but after the first set w/16kg, I knew I just didn't have the strength today. My heartrate was consistent throughout @ 160-170.

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