Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snatch Race

Well, it looks as if a race is on. Adam Glass came up with an idea of a 50,000 snatch challenge. Of course I'm in!

Here's Friday's short snatch workout,

200 snatches w/12kg, 10 min work, 2 min rest,
5 L, 5 R x 3, (15/15), x 2 sets = 60 snatches w/16kg

I haven't sat down and figured out a "master strategy", only that I'm thinking I'll snatch everyother day. But more important is basing that strategy on Adams point system. After watching Fawn snatch the stinkin' 24kg, Fawn has reminded me to work smart and not hard!

Points so far, 1800 w/12kg = 1800 points. 60 w/16kg = 120 points

Total 1920


Marla said...

How does that scoring system work? Would it be 3 pts for a 20K snatch

Anonymous said...

Nice Hair toss! LOL Regina

Keturah said...

Where did you get your pants you're wearing in this workout? I'm always on the lookout for comfy, wider-legged pants for my kbell workouts. BTW, they complimented the fan-tab yellow color of your 36 kb. :-)


Tracy Reifkind said...


The pants I'm wearing I just got at my yoga studio, they are by Lululemon. They are super cute! You can't see the pinstrip, or that they are actually "high waisted".

I'm going to write a blog post soon, about how I decided to start trying to look cute, by buying and wearing new workout clothes. More for meeting with clients and be-bopping around town, than taping video. For my own workouts, who the hell cares?

Tracy Reifkind said...


Sorry I didn't reply sooner...anyway, if you haven't found details of the scoring system yet, you can get them on Adam Glass's blogspot...and you can get to that via rifsblog...until I get my blog links back up.

Keturah said...

Thanks you, Tracy!! I shall go on the hunt for them. The pants are cute, cute, cute - and the high-waist is a bonus.