Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tracys All Day Lunch 3/26


coffee/ cream 100 cal.
celery / red bell / PNB, raisins 350 cal.
cabbage, broccoli, tuna salad w/mayo,peanut dressing 500 cal.
butternut, collard green soup w/chicken 350 cal.

Total calories 1300

Add in AM oats w/sugar 250 cal., and the day is not over yet!

Well, I knew the day wasn't over yet! I went for an afternoon walk, between clients ( I had a cancelation), and when I got back to work....leftover Easter candy everywhere.....need I say more? Chocolate, jelly beans, taffy, Reeses eggs, blah, blah, blah. Mmmm, tomorrow's KB workout will benefit from all of these extra calories! (I've got to stay out of the kitchen at work, seriously!)

PS I never got to my soup for my dinner meal...are you kidding, after the candy? So I left it in the fridge for my next work day, one less thing to pack!


themom45 said...

Tracy, I did the 1.5 min work /1min rest swing ladders this morning. It felt good to push that hard. Just as you think you cannot do 1 more swing, you are at the rest period. Boy, was I sweating. I completed 5 sets of two rounds like you did, working from lite kettlebell to heavy and heavy to lite. Took me 25 min plus warmup sets 7min. I then hit the squat and dead lifts to complete my morning.
Oh and I'm heading out to the trash to throw the remaining easter candy out. Just too tempting for sure.
The Mom

Franklin said...

Keep posting those healthy food photos .. they inspire the masses!

Soooo .. I just winged some vegetarian split pea soup. I replaced the usual ham hock with ghee sauteed Indian dried red chilis, garlic and onions. The chilis added some nice color to satisfy the eyes and the kick it provided satisfied the mouth.

Christine said...

Damn that sale candy! I wrote a post about that very subject. As I was putting the bag in my grocery cart, I'm thinking 'why? why am I buying this?' Needless to say, I lost that internal dialouge.

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's hard for me to get a good sweat going this time of year in our cold garage gym! I gotta bump up the excuses.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've contemplated hot chilis in split pea before, now I'm going to do it. The beauty of a pressure cooker, I can get it done in 1/2 hour.

Franklin said...

Yes, the chilis really give it a nice zing!

My original intent in making the split pea soup was to use my new pressure cooker. After loading the cooker and turning on the burner I went back to the manual to check and it said "DON'T USE SPLIT PEAS". I freaked and then immediately dumped everything in my rice cooker where it came out great.

Strange .. how do you cook split peas in your pressure cooker? What brand do you have? Mine is Presto 6qt aluminum .. I think my mom had the same one a long time ago.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I have never heard of such a thing! I routinely make split pea soup in my cooker! WHAT!

My pressure cooker is a 6qt Fagor, that I purchased at least 12 years ago...and I only point that out because I have recommended this brand, but I find that I think they've changed something in the manufacturing since that time, because I think mine is better than what is available from that brand today.

Still, I bought a 4qt. as a housewarming gift for a friend and we've used it together plenty of times without any problems, but I still think mine is better!

Once you get used to using a pressure cooker you will use the "instruction guide" as just that...a guide...and then you'll do whatever the hell you want to, LOL!

Franklin said...

Tracy, I didn't think I would hear from as this is so off topic .. I really appreciate it.

I went from buying cooked food and eating out all the time to cooking 90% of all my meals .. I love it.
I'm also down from a high of 212 lbs to 179 lb from a combination of KB training and good diet .. I need both to make progress in either.

Pressure cooking is brand new to me and I heard horror stories about people being blown to Kingdom Kong from malfunctioning or misuse. Maybe someone killed themselves making split pea soup with a Presto and the company is just CYA-ing.

So heres one more question: Do you soak your dried split peas overnight as I did? Also I am using the yellow split peas as opposed to the green ones, which ones do you use?