Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't Complain

Man.....I am getting to the point of barely being able to stand hearing people complain....and that includes me! I swear I'm going to try and stop complaining (I almost said "ever complaining", but that's my old all or nothing attitude that used to get me in trouble, lol).

I was at Peet's Coffee getting some beans and the employee asked me how I was doing, I always answer, "Well, thank you, I'm always doing well!", and then I asked him (Also, something I always do, is return the question), and he said, "Well, I can't complain!" Hmmm. I said, "Well, when you think about it, we could never complain, life is so good, we don't really have anything to complain about." He agreed.

Since that day I've become more sensitive to hearing people complain. You hear it everywhere, and all the time. At the bank today, one of the tellers is 5 months pregnant, complaining to a co-worker how bad she had been sleeping since her 2nd trimester. After Yoga class today one of the other students was complaining about 5 lbs. she needed to lose. A client of mine complaining about the school her kids go to. A friend of mine always complaining about her husband....etc.

People even complain about good stuff, for example, like planning a wedding or party, "having" to get ready for a vacation, or eating too much! I guess, even some of my latest blog posts are another way of complaining! Words I Don't Like, Sabotage, The Chicken, or The Egg......can we really never complain? Hmmm, maybe I should re-think this, lol.

Well, I promise to try and complain less!

Life is good, don't complain!


Happiness Within said...


Are you complaining about "complaining"?! LOL That is too funny.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Exactly! I got that as I was writing! Geez....what a complainer!

neca said...

I kinda agree with this. I do think that, in general, most folks complain too much (whining). However, we all live with a certain amount of daily stressors, have things we are worried or concerned about, etc. Expressing those allows us to release them (to a certain extent), which I think is healthier than not expressing them at all. But the world shouldn't be your dumping ground!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Releasing stress...yes, I agree is more important than holding on to it, but I guess my point is to re-evaluate what "stresses us out". Alot of people worry and stress about things not in their control, and then complain about it.. that just brings everyone down.

I like your description "dumping ground"...I wish I would of thought of that!

fawn said...

I love to complain... some people call it ranting. Either way, I consider it recreational enjoyment.

charles said...

Something that was tossed my way this past week, I thought is very interesting: