Thursday, March 13, 2008

Words I Don't Like to Use

This blogpost has been on my mind for a while. I thought the original title would be, "Three Words I Hate", and those three words were.....problem, struggle, and issue. And then I realized that another word I hated was, hate! So let me try and get this right.

I am more aware now than ever not only of the power of our thoughts, but the power of words. I routinely do what I call "re-phrasing". What I mean by that is I continually listen to what I say, and if I hear myself say something that is negative, or something that is not true, I change it. I not only want to think positively, I want to speak positively. So let me start with these first 3 words...because there are many more!

Problem. I don't have any "problems". Struggle. Struggle implies a problem, which I don't have I don't have any "struggles". Issue. Issue implies a problem, or struggle, which I don't have any, so I don't have any "issues". I refuse. Problems have turned into reflections, struggles have turned into opportunities, and issues have turned into experiences, or habits I may want to change.. I believe that if you say you have problem, struggle, or issue, then you do....I don't....I choose not to. So if, or when, these words slip out of my mouth, I change them. I change what I say, and then I change how I feel.

So, since my conversations often revolve around weight loss or getting fit and healthy, these words come up often in regards to food, eating, bodyweight. And I used to use them regulary, but not anymore. In fact not to long ago I bought into these words...I owned them, but now I won't. I have the choice. And what a relief.

Food is not a problem, it is a joy. Eating, and what I eat or don't eat is not a problem, it's just a choice....a choice that I can feel good I think I'll feel good about my choices.. And what I weigh is not a problem, it's just what I weigh, and I can change it, or not, but...right now at this moment, it is what it is and I can change it if I want to, because it's not a struggle, it's not an issue. Worrying about food, or eating, or what I weigh doesn't change anything, except how I feel, and worrying usually makes you feel bad....I am not bad...and I don't feel bad.

Life is supposed to be is good.


mark blakemore said...

everytime i vist here you make points that should be required reading for most of society.

outside of my job i do public speaking for groups of kids, mostly 'at risk'. strange thing is that it's usually the adults who book me that need to hear this more than the kids.

nice job tracy! you not only hit the nail on the head, you used a nail gun!!

Gabi said...

There's the saying, that things are not good or bad as they are, it is our way of thinking about them, that makes them good or bad in the first place.
I absolutely love your positive way of thinking, that you see choices, chances to change something (a habit), and, most important, you also take action and put your choices into practice immediately.
I think worrying, brooding over a 'problem' is nothing else than shunning responsibility, decision and action.

JWC said...

Excellent post tracy. Words have much power and this reminds me to think about what comes out of my mouth.... and the words I speak to myself.

fawn said...

Hey Tracy... I don't have any problems or issues and I certainly don't struggle either! I guess we are lucky! Excellent message!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I swear I was just thinking about you yesterday. I was thinking about the e-mail you sent me. At the time you didn't know, and I didn't mention yet, about the surgery I was recovering from, and I was having a moment of feeling down...which is rare for me...but the timing of your connection with me was something that truly touched me. That's why I considered calling you...which I never did, but now you know why I thought about it!

So thank you for, yet again, your perfect timing!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Worrying drives me crazy! The only thing that drives me crazier is hearing other people worry!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Exactly....the words that come out of our mouths! If we just listen to ourselves, alot of times we would be appalled!

Tracy Reifkind said...


The only problem you have is that you can't come to California as much as I'd like you to...oops, I guess that's MY problem...but I don't have any problems...oh dear! LOL

Louise Wedgwood said...

Wow! What a positive, proactive attitude you have. You must feel so in control of life...because you are! I need to get me some more of that.