Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bonus KB Workout

Tuesday AM weight 133.8
9:15am Bikram yoga
11:30am KB
6:00pm 60 min walk

10 sets, 8 double clean/press/hold, 1 min. work,
1 min. rest= 20 min

5 sets, 5 R/5 L/5 R/5 L clean/bottoms up clean, 2 min work 30 sec rest= 12.5 min

Total workout 32.5 min.


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Hi - Just discovered your blog and must say you are quite the inspiration! I hope to look like you in about three years! :)

fawn said...

Nice looking videos Tracy! Your shoulders look awesome! I'm going to guess it's a result of all the high volume swinging... what do you think?

themom45 said...

Traci - Question about soreness, and how you deal with workout the next day. Do you change your workout if you feel sore say in shoulders, traps etc... or do you change it. If so how do you decide? I want to clarify soreness as medium to pretty sore. Do you feel it is necessary to rest a day?
The Mom

Tracy Reifkind said...

take one,

You want to look like me?? Mmmm...interesting! But, thamk you!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I know my shoulders look decent, but I still don't have the size, and not near the strength as the months before my time off. No worries for me though...it'll come.

But the high volume swings and the consistent Bikram yoga (yoga at least 4x a week, sometimes 5!) is to sweat off some of the edema left over from the surgery and to get a lower BF %. Somehow my BF is 24-25% instead of presurgery 17-19%. And my weight is higher too...but I feel great!

Tracy Reifkind said...

The mom,

You know I rarely get sore! That only tells me how aclimated I am to my style of training.

But...I do try and alternate workouts by switching out the main exercises...for instance, all 2 handed one day, to cleans/press/squats/ another day, one handed, yet another and snatches yet another. etc..

I was just telling Mark that after my last high volume workout, I feel I recovered so quickly, it must of not been hard enough...I just have continue to set the bar higher and start using the 16, 20, 24kg more often.

And, it's always good to rest a day inbetween....it's just my obsessive nature to keep pushing, lol!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Look like you in the fact that you have lost all the weight and look fabulous! I on only 11 pounds into a 100 lb journey. And brought a few kbs along for the ride.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Take one,

I guess I'll be looking a your blog soon...right? Congrats, it's quite a journey. One that has helped make me a better person, for sure.