Thursday, March 6, 2008

"How did you lose all that weight?"

Well, it's been over 3 years since I started this weight loss journey...this transformation, not only of my body, but my life and spirit. And the further away I get from the time I was fat, the fewer people, even my friends, remember when I was fat! But I remember. Very clearly, and I have no regrets.

No one "told" me how to lose weight. No one had to. In fact I can't tell you how many people over the years offered me weight loss advice, (how stinkin' annoying), and I always said the same thing.....I know how to lose weight, I don't want to...I'm not ready to...I don't care why not, I just don't want to yet. I knew exactly why I was fat, and I dind't want to change it...I didn't want to stop overeating......until I did.

And when I did, when I made the decision to stop feeding my face with too much food, too much of the wrong foods, and start exercising. For the longest time when people would ask me, "How did you lose all that weight?", my answer was always, "I stopped doing what was making me fat!"

I'm the first person to tell anyone that they already know how to lose weight. In fact when I get that first question, "How can I lose weight?", my question is always, "Well, what are you doing that is making you fat?" I can't make anyone give me an honest answer, most people don't want to look at it, and if they don't want to look at it, I don't want to waste my time digging for their answer. I already know...they're eating too much....they're drinking too much....they're not exercising. No rocket science.

I never want to be that annoying person with unwanted diet advice. I try and only offer my experience when asked, and even then, most times, I feel as if I'm wasting my breath. I can be, and will be, the biggest positive cheerleader for anyone who wants to believe that they can have a beautiful, functional, athletic, healthy body, because I'm living proof that it can be done. I've lived it, I live it everyday. Beyond my dreams even, and I know it's possible.

My life is so stinkin' good.

Picture on right is me at my RKC, April 2006, 132lbs., 14 months after the first day of my transformation, starting weight 250lbs. approx.


Kelly Olexa said...

GREAT post!!! I totally agree. I think most folks that ask 'how did you do it?" aren't REALLY ready or interested - or they are looking for some "quick fix" answer that the rest of our lazy country is hoping for as well. There isn't any quick fix or we'd all be perfect. But it is simple right, change your diet, workout. Eat less, workout. But you have to be ready in your mind and STAY there in your mind, I think it is just as much work keeeping our minds in tuned and in focus and motivated....would you agree? Keep up the great work. Love your blog, I hope to pick up you GREAT home made meals ideas....that's my area of weakness - food variety...!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's funny...I went for an hour long walk right after posting this and thought of exactly that point....which is, the reason the question was asked was the hopes of some magical answer....a quick fix as you put it.

Being ready mentally is really where the magic to get there and stay there?????? I only know what it is for me...which is beleif, hope and knowing.

Jen Muoto said...

You are just so stinkin' awesome! ;-)

Gabi said...

So true, no rocket science. Eat less, burn more. Tons of information on weight loss everywhere, and the essence is always this. No way somebody who truly _wants_ to lose weight couldn't find out how.
My experience about this is: there are too many people spending their lives explaining others what and why they're NOT doing... A fruitless game of "Why don't you...? - Yes, but...". They are not looking for advice but a chance to bring up their excuses, seeking justification for staying as they are.
It used to make me sad, frustrated and angry, but then I came to realize it is their lives, their decisions, their priorities, so it all comes down to them and there's no use making a Don Quijote of myself.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I think the term is "being defensive"! Yea but...I don't eat that much....I eat pretty healthy, etc...

There are many reasons why people put on weight, mentally, but few ways to take it off...scientifaclly.

Ideally, for long term loss you have to take the weight off mentally...I feel another blog post coming.....

fawn said...

Another excellent message Tracy! I love your attitude...

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what you said to me when we had our 30 minute consultation. You asked me well what are you doing to make you fat. and I knew the anwer

Thanks for the reminder, I printed out your comment and pasted on the cupboard. I know what to do, my problem is how willing am I to do what needs to be done.

Great Work as always Tracy. and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Tracy. I think being "ready" mentally can apply to all areas in your life where you're trying to make changes, whether it's weight loss, training, or even say cooking!! Making some improvement in your life requires you to be mentally ready. Most people know the steps to take to change what's bothering them in their life, it's DOING them that is the challenge.

Kelly Olexa said...

I don't know why it is that it has become so acceptable in our country to be so lethargic and lazy. Because in my opinion, that's what it is when you "give up", when you choose to settle for eating whatever you want and not exercising and the inevitable results of that. People looking for a quick fix or an "excuse" as to why they are heavy and/or out of shape, instead of being REAL and looking inside, looking at themselves and WHAT THEY DID TO GET THERE and how THEY can change to go somewhere else~ well that enervates me more than anything. Here's a funny thing; a co-worker of mine a while back was whining, saying oh dear I'm working out harder than EVER and eating better than EVER and I'm not losing any weight...I think I have a thyroid problem. I had to bite my tongue because I saw what she ate and knew what her 1x a week workouts entailed. Then she started to become really interested in MY results I was getting after I stepped things up with a trainer and got very wouldn't you know she is doing GREAT, losing weight and working out more and loving it~ all goes to show you that anything is possible!! We ALL can do it!! It just has to be a decision, and one that we make EVERY day.....!!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I hope all is going well, thanks for the comments. I've been thinking of that e-book!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm so glad your mentally ready to cook! Isn't it fun....PS you should be practicing by cutting at least one onion a day, and how about some carrot and celery sticks for the kids...practice makes perfect...and fast!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I think part of the problem IS the quick fix...the convenience foods. They're quick and cheap.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, I didn't need to practice, I was set all week with food!!! This coming week I'm going to do it all again solo, so I WILL be practicing. We'll schedule another session soon.

Kelly Olexa said...

You are so right....and then all the crazy "diet" foods that actually work against you ~ the fat free cookies, the 100 calorie snack packs, the slim fast shakes...people end up eating MORE thinking they are eating healthier. And the general non-diet convenience foods ~ well if you are on a budget it sure is hard paying 3-4x the price for fresh fruits, vegies, protein, seafood, etc. let alone going organic! The Ho-Hos and Ramen Noodles of the world are 5x cheaper and more convenient than doing what you do, (and what I'm trying to better each week instead of eating tuna salad EVERY DAY)- and it shows, either way.
Keep up the great example!!

Tracy Reifkind said...

kelly o,

I think it's a myth that it costs more to eat well. I agree, and used to joke about how easy it was to get 400 calories for under $1 (a pkg of hostess donuts!), but I'm one of the few people that spend on average $20-$25 at Whole Foods, maybe twice a week (If I don't go to the FM on the weekend).

I buy mostly fresh veggies...I don't eat too much fruit, unless it's summer (and then I get my fruit at the farmers markets or flea and large cuts of meat, whole chickens that I cut up myself, or large cheaper cuts for the pressure cooker.

I stock up on yogurts,
milk/creams, nuts, eggs and cereals @ Trader Joes and that bill is usually around $40-70 dollars. And then the conventional grocery for paper and cleaning, I also stock up on canned tuna there...I used to get Mark's supply of ice cream on sale there also, etc.

If I was a single person, I have no doubt I could eat practically at"gourmet standards much cheaper than buying junk foods. It pays off in more ways than one by making ALL of your own foods...that includes coffees.

I'll have to write a post about that......

Unknown said...

Hey, I've always had problems with weight and I have tried so many things. Different things work for different people and I was lucky enough to find one that worked for me. I lost 25 pounds in month and a half without too much exercise and it's been a life changer. I'm a little embarrased to post my before and after photos here but if anyone actually cares to hear what I've been doing then I'd be happy to help in any way. Just shoot me an email at and I'll show you my before and after photos, and tell you about how things are going for me with the stuff I've tried. I wish someone would have helped me out when I was struggling to find a solution so if I can help you then it would make my day.

Anonymous said...

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Pumpone said...

Great story. I know at times you feel like you are talking to the wall when people ask and it may be discouraging, however continue giving that advice and being that cheer leader when needed. That's exactly what got me where I am today. I asked for help and help was given from my trainers that had already been down the road I was about to take. The road I took was just a little longer and had a few up hill battles with it. As of today I have successfully lost 160lbs. I started out with Kettle bells a little over 3 years ago. Now I'm about to face head on the biggest goal yet, I will be attending the SFG1 Atlanta in January.
Eating clean and swinging Kettle bells
That's all it is to it ��

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