Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is it Free, or is it Stealing?

I have written many times on my feelings regarding "free food" (Free Food, posted Dec 20 2006, and recently, Don't Put off Tomorrow... Dec 23, 2007) and I think I may have had my eyes opened up a bit more about how to change what I think about it.

Mark and I attended an event that offered lunch...for free....but he didn't have time to eat his (fair share), so I packed some up for him to eat at another time later that day. Innocent enough, right? I did that for a number of the ususal reasons....I didn't want him to miss out.... after all he was entitled to it.....and, it was there for the taking......and, someone else might take it and there would be none left...etc. Later that day, when we got home, I said to him, "Oh, I packed up a sandwich (from the event), and brought it home for you to it's here in the fridge."

You won't beleive what he said next.... He said, " You mean you stole it! I can't believe you stole food." WHAT! I was shocked. Did he just accuse me of stealing? Was I shocked because there was a ring of truth to that? Yes....

I stopped eating the samples of free food at Whole Foods as part of my New Years Resolution, which I have so far succeeded at, BTW, because I had to admit I was only taking them because they were free, not because I was actually considering purchasing any of the foods offered up for sampling. If I knew I wasn't going to buy any of those foods, then I was, in actuality stealing them. Especially if I took more than one sample of the same food...who can only sample one chip, or one chocolate truffle, or one piece of cheese, etc.? And who am I kidding when I actually search out a napkin so I can wrap some up to put in my handbag. LOL If you find yourself looking around to see if someone is watching you take more than you know you should, then your stealing. If you're taking food (extra, that you don't need) to eat another time (s), then you're stealing.

OMG....I can't believe I'm writhing this stuff, LOL

Don't steal food!

(Picture above, Jordan Vezina, 2/23, enjoying lunch provided for free @ Axis)


themom45 said...

Traci, how funny you should write those feelings. Growing up we didn't have much. Never went hungry but basicly got by. We NEVER, NEVER left food on our plate or as Grandma would say, wasted food. There were people who were worse off than us. So, all my life I've struggled with this clean your plate and don't waste food, any food. I hate to see food thrown away. And it's not that I need it or I'm hungry but somebody needs to eat it! And this is my struggle still today with habits of overeating, yes I too am a over eater. I work hard to keep my weight off and wish I was normal. Grandmas are wonderful aren't they? My Gram grew up often going hungry and as an adult she was most always 50-100+ pounds overweight. Some things are just the facts of life. We are who we are and we all struggle. Steelin, maybe. Food for thought anyway.
The Mom

Ciao Bella said...


OMG! What a paradigm shift! If I look at taking samples that I am not planning to buy as stealing, I won't do it. What a great way to lose an unnecessary habit. What other gems does Mark have in that head of his? :)


Jordan Vezina said...

Tasted free. :)

Tracy Reifkind said...

the mom,

I hear that from so many people. I didn't grow up with a mom or gandma that cooked. But, my overeating started way before I could ever never had to tell me to clean my plate...I always wanted more!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I really think that's what got me over sampling at Whole Foods...I'm not even tempted anymore!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It was free for didn't wrap it up and take home for later!

Paula said...

I think he was playing with you. You were not stealing at all! You were demonstrating your nurturing instinct by saving some food for him to eat later.
You weren't stealing, you were being sweet!