Monday, March 17, 2008

Sundays Haul

After wiping out my fridge, my trip to the Farmers Market and Whole foods looked like this;

Celery, carrots, broccoli, jalapenos, cabbages (4 sm green, 1 red), mustard greens, daikon radish, watermelon radish, 2 bunches radishes, pea shoots (2), green onions, brussels, red bell, shitake mushrooms, garlic, fennel, cilantro, chives, thyme, fuji apples, PNB, turkey sausage, heavy cream, 2 cheeses, (1 smokey blue, & Taleggio).

I resisted the asparagus, turnips, strawberries, more raisins, italian broccoli and chard at the Farmers Market, because I knew with all of this other stuff, I just won't have time to cook and eat everything!

Besides, I'm going to the Monterey Farmers Market on Tues. afternoon, and my CSA box comes on Wednesday.

10am Bikram yoga
6pm 45 min walk


coffee w/cream
spicy soup, sm
stir fried peas shoots and watermelon radish
fuji apple w/bleu cheese
cabbage salad, lg, with peanut dressing and rice vinegar

Life is good.


Amy Jurrens said...

You cannot imagine the depths of my jealousy that you live in California where you have access to fresh produce year-round. I live in NW Iowa. I woke up to four inches of snow this morning. My nearest natural food store is an hour away. I make the trek happily because it makes my life better to eat natural. I'm also setting up my kids (10 & 6) with healthy eating habits. I need to be an example in a world of fast food. I am proud to say my kids do not drink soda pop, they love salmon, and they eat pizza only when it is on the menu at school. I am also proud to report that neither child, nor my husband, nor I have been sick all winter - not even a cold.

Thank you for showing us how beautiful healthy eating can be. Those photos make me want to jump on a plane and haul veggies!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Since I've lived here my whole life I do forget how lucky I am to be able to eat this way year round, if I want to!

But speaking about not getting sick...I want to write a post about that subject. I eat soup nearly everyday, if not everyday, with my own homemade stock...I too haven't been sick in a long, long time!

Kori Bliffert, NASM-CPT said...

Tracy I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! We do not get that kind of fresh veggies/fruit all year long here in WI. I can't wait to move to TX b/c right down the street from our house is a farmer's market, a Sprouts market, and then a little further is a Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...
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Tracy Reifkind said...


After your move then you won't have any excuses not to eat healthy, right? lol! (not that you don't now, of course)