Saturday, November 11, 2006

1200 swings

Saturday is swing day.Since doing 1600 swings last saturday I decided to decrease the reps and increase the weight. Since I started out eating candy before the workout (I'm having a little sugar problem right now ) I really needed to work off some calories and exploit the sugar/adrenalin rush :))


5 sets two handed swings with the 26 minute on ,one minute off :ten minutes

200 reps

Work sets
5 sets two handed swings with 36 lb- one min on, one min off: 10 min.

( each set is 40 reps long)=200 reps

5 sets two handed swing with 44 lbs: one min on one min off : ten minutes

200 reps

Alternate two hand swings with 44 and 36
( one set with 44 and one set with the 36)

one min on ,one min off twenty minutes

400 reps

5 sets of two handed swings with 36

one min on one min off : ten min

200 reps

total reps = 1200
total time= 60 min

bottoms up cleans
2 sets of 20 right 20 left with 26 lb

I felt like it was a relatively easy workout so I went for an hour walk right after. Still feeling effects of the candy.


Sat. is my cheat day. I didn't want to start my first post admitting that I started my day out with candy but I did. Lately I found myself craving sugar. I would go all day eating perfectly then blow it at the end. I would then go to bed feeling rotton and guilty. So I decided to get the craving over with early so I would have a chance at working it off.

This has been going on about 2 weeks now. I only eat sweets on my KB workout days and I stop eating by 6pm every day. Somehow this allowance has helped me through the days I don't have any sweets.

My first real meal today was homemade enchilada soup with tons af veggies especially my favorite, kale. Since it is a cheat day some ice cream is on the menu later and then tommorow will be a low calorie day.

AM Weight:131.6


Tommy Shook said...

Awesome session! 1200 swings is HUGE volume. You and Rif sure have an appetite for volume work...damn impressive.
It was great training alongside both of you at the April RKC, and I am looking forward to reading your blog as it develops.
All the best, again, very strong work.


Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks for the compliments. I have to do alot of swings because I eat like a pig, LOL.
I had a great time at the cert., but I don't remember Mark working out too hard!

Thanks again