Sunday, November 26, 2006

Keeping Track

One of the things I realized the other day was how calories can get out of hand very quickly. Sometimes it's denial, sometimes it's just wishful thinking. But if you do not keep a "running total" of your calories you might be bummed at the end of the day. That's how I felt a couple of days ago.

So I started adding up my calories after lunch. Boy, is this helpful. It can be a bad thing or it can be good! Today I chose to eat ice cream after lunch so my calories added up to 1350 at 2:30. Man, was I bummed. That left only 150 cal. for the rest of the day. If I didn't know that, guaranteed I would of eaten more than 150 cal. 150 cal. isn't much for dinner!

AM weight 130.0

8:00 Bikram yoga, weight after yoga 10am 129.0
4:30 3 mile walk

Todays menu

5-8:00am coffee w/ cream 100 cal.
11:00 apple w/ PNB 200 cal.
1:00 misc. 100 cal. ( a few bites of Thaksgiving leftovers )
1:30 turkey and veg soup w/ 1 1/2 c. leftover pasta 600 cal.
2:30 ice cream 350 cal.
5:30 broccoli salad w/ low cal dressing130 cal. ( raw broccoli, red cabbage and carrot w/ 1 tbl. dried cranberries and 2 tbl. low cal. dressing)
7:30 ginger tea w/ honey 20 cal.

Total calories 1500

I estimated the calories in my soup high because I made it with a couple of leftover turkey wings and a leg. I didn't actually measure the meat. While I was eating it I couldn't believe how much meat was in it, I had to guess about 6 oz. That's about 2 oz. more than I would of put in it had I measured ( 100 extra cal. ).

I know I'll be doing a 30 min. KB workout tomorrow. I don't know if it will be before yoga or after. I wasn't happy with Saturdays WO so I want to do more with the 36lb.

Today was a good day.


theharmlesskitty said...


Awesome blog! :) I know I'm not the first and certainly won't be the last to say this -- You're absolutely amazing and such an inspiration!! I'm looking forward to all of the insight & wisdom you'll be sharing here.

Friday's class rocked - it was fun to do more w/ the 26! I didn't realize how much work even a 30 min KB session was until I went to my aerobics class afterwards. Yikes, didn't hit/kick the bag nearly as hard as usual!

I know you said no KBs on Saturday, but I just *had to* try for the 40 two handeds you mentioned. Got 50 in 1 min, but realized I was probably swinging short again. Focused on nice long swings and got about 45 in 1 min.

Sunday, I replicated Fri's workout w/ you, but added two sets of 40-ish swings at the start, middle and end. Fiddled with how to torque less on the 1 handed swings. Switching to the 18 didn't do much, I'm still all twisty!

Speaking of twisty, I turned my ankle this morning and am trying not to cave in to my usual "tape it up & pretend nothing happened" approach. Totally bummed -- I wanted to play with adding 1 min of jump rope, shadow boxing & stick work between KB sets this week. But in the meantime, are there any KB drills I can do with a gimpy ankle?


Tracy Reifkind said...


I was thinking about you today, check out the workout I did today on my blog, I think it would be a good easy one for you to do.

I will e-mail you with more info.

Part of the reason you might think your twisty is the fact that you have short arms. I didn't notice that it was a major problem.

As far as your ankle is concerned. You should be OK swinging unless it hurts. If it hurts don't swing!