Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Calorie Dense Food

I had to work on Tues. from 9am - 8pm, so I made sure to wake up early and organize my food for the day.

I had already packed my soup the day before and I knew I needed a salad too. Since I almost always have an apple for a snack, I decided to include it in my salad. It took about 10 min. to dice 1 apple, dice 1 stalk celery, shred a wedge of green cabbage, dice 3 0z. turkey meat add 1 tbl. dried cranberries, then mix 3 tbl. yogurt w/ 1 tbl. mayo for the dressing.

As I started to add up my calories ( coffee/cream, salad, soup, yam ), I could't believe how low they were. After all my I added a yam and my soup was at least 4 cups in volume, the same with the salad. At this point it only added up to 1075 cal.

Since my weight was back to normal (129.0) I didn't need a low calorie day. So I had to think of MORE food to eat. I added a coffee drink w/ chocolate and my favorite snack theses days, prunes w/ peanut butter.

Even after almost 2 years of dieting it still surprises me just how calorie dense crappy food is! I suppose if I could only eat 1 reg. size candy bar or 1 donut, or 1 serving of ice cream ( 1/2 c. ), or 1 taco, etc., it won't be so bad. But who can do that? I can't! That's what got me into trouble in the first place.

If you eat 2 servings of any of those things you've already eaten 1/3 of your calories for the day. Just think if you eat 3 or 4? How many pieces of Halloween candy did you eat? The day before, the day of, the days after Halloween?

I realized last week that I didn't want to sacrifice healthy calories for crappy calories. It never occured to me how much more good food I could eat by getting more serious about cutting out the crap.

No work- outs.

Tuesday Menu

5-8:00 am coffee w/ cream 80 cal.
9:00 coffee w/ 2tbl. hot cocoa mix (Ghirardelli), 1 tbl. cream 115 cal.
11:00 small yam, microwaved (4oz.) 100cal.
12:15 apple coleslaw w/ turkey 470 cal.
4:30 3 prunes w/ PNB 175 cal.
6: 15 turkey and kale soup w/ 1/2 c. rice, 1/2 c. lentils and 2 tbl. parmesan 425 cal.
Misc. 25 cal.

Total calories1385 Still not enough!

Tuesday was a good day!

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