Sunday, November 12, 2006

Low Calorie Day for a Compulsive Overeater

Since I was able to have a cheat day yesterday, I knew today would bring some tight calorie counting. Surprisingly even after a 1000 calories of ice cream I weighed light (131.2, down from yesterday's 131.6). I guess that heavy swing WO paid off. Also I stopped eating around 4:30 pm.

I started out this morning with a 90 min. Bikram yoga class at 8:00 and ended my day with a 2 mile walk just before my last meal.

Today's menu

7am-10am 3cups coffee w/cream 150 cal.
11:30 am Lg. apple 100 cal.
2:30 pm Roasted baby beets and beet greens w/bacon and turkey 410 cal.
4:30 pm Lg. apple 100 cal.
6:00 pm homemade vegtable soup 150 cal.
Misc. 100 cal.
3 liters of water throughout the day.

Total calorie count is just over 1000. Since I chose to have bacon at lunch I couldn't have meat in my soup for dinner. I might have chosen to thicken the soup up with a couple of egg whites, but I didn't think of it until afterward.

I like to eat a large volume of food. Many of my friends that see the amout of food that I eat can't believe it. I like feeling full. So I had to find a way to cut calories while increasing volume. The answer was VEGETABLES! Not only did it accomplish those two things, but it also increased nutrition and fiber.

When I plan a meal my #1 priority is vegetable, then protein, then fat, then carb.

Take for instance my lunch. Beets/greens are the veggies, turkey/bacon the protein, bacon fat is the fat. Many times I don't have room for a carb. and that's O.K. I find that my body holds alot more water when I eat carbs that's why they are last on the list.

It's ironic that dieting has turned out to be the perfect hobby for my obsession with food. Today was a good day.

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Thorsten said...

Hello. I just want to say congratulations to your success! I just read the article that your husband wrote about you and your weight goals. I have the same goal, to drop about 70 lbs, if not more! Your success inspires me to work hard with the kettlebells, and it may be smart to track my diet. My diet is my enemy! :o) And so are my beloved micro-brews!! Keep it up! And thank you.