Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Swing Class

Monday night I knew I would be teaching some new students the swing. So I'll save my snatch WO for tomorrow, not knowing how much demonsration I could be doing.

I wanted to have a short 30 min. swing warm-up before yoga class today so I decided to go back to my roots and do some sets that were at least 2min. long.

8:00 am KB

2 hand swing w/26lb. x 3 sets.
1 min. on 1 min. off, 6 min. total (40reps)

1 swing 1 transfer x 40 (20 L, 20 R) 2 min. set w/ 1 min. rest
20 1 hand swing L trans. 20 1 hand swing R, 1 min. set w/ 1 min. rest

I alternated those 2 sets 5 times for a total of 25 min.
31 min. total WO time.

9:00 bikram yoga

6:30 Swing Class

I was lucky enough to share swinging with 4 motivated students tonight. Two had some prior experience the other 2 were new.

I had a "scooper", a "squatter" and a "thruster" and a "lifter". A perfect opportunity to use my trouble shooting techniques I learned at the cert. And all improved by the end of instruction.

Very excited to see more interest in KB training. It has truly been life changing for me. Not only has it transformed my body, but knowing that I never need to step foot in a gym ( or pay for a membership ) ever again is a huge realization. Especially since we used to own a gym.

I have trained in my garage mostly, but also on my patio, at the park, even in my kitchen!

Looking forward to the next class on Thursday.

Todays Menu

7am-9am coffe w/cream 100cal.
11:30 lg. apple 100cal.
1:00 homemade veg soup w/lasange 450cal. *see break-down of ingredients
3:00 coffee w/ cream 50cal.
5:00 broccoli salad w/egg and bacon, low calorie dressing 375cal.
misc. 150cal.
3 liters of water throughout the day
Total calorie count 1225

* I can make soup from just about any leftover in my fridge. I took a serving of lasange 3x3 inch slice and diced it into 1/2 inch pieces. Then I added about 2 1/2 cups of veg soup and 1 tomato.

Lasagne 3x3 inch piece
150cal. pasta
150cal. ground beef/italian sausage (3 oz.)
150cal. cheese

It wasn't my intention to have so few calories today, but the 6:30 swing class threw me off. We stayed to talk about diet and food after swinging and I didn't get home from Palo Alto until almost 9pm. Way too late to eat, besides I wasn't even hungry.
Today was a good day.

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