Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friday Aftermath

Woke up friday morning and weighed myself, 129.2. Yesterday my weight was 127.8. No big deal I figured I would have a low calorie day and be back to normal on Sat. Wrong! Sat. morning 131.0!!!

Trying not to feel a little depressed. I was actually going to postpone my swing workout today until tomorrow. Today I had planned heavy swings (36lb.) and because I had a low calorie day yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to eat more today for the WO tomorrow.

I'll be doing some heavy swings today! My energy is good, my motivation even better. I know things will even out by the end if the weekend. I didn't drink enough water yesterday and I probably should of had a shake w/psyillium.

7:15 Bikram yoga
3:30 1 hour walk

Friday menu

5-9am coffee w/cream 85 cal.
11:30 lg. apple 100 cal.
12:30 veg soup w/ 5oz. turkey, 1/4c. brown rice, 1/4c. lentil 400 cal.
2:30 chocolate sucker 70 cal.
5:00 lg. apple 150 cal.
6:00 piece of fudge and 7 jelly beans 320 cal.
Total cal. 1125

Wow that candy really messed me up! That's what happens when you don't keep a running total during the day. I didn't add it up until just now. Part of living in denial. I ran into the candy and just reacted by putting it in my mouth. I did spend seconds justifying it by thinking " it's just a bite".

I need to talk with Mark today about how my pre-workout food intake affects my training and fat loss. There's still alot to learn. Thank God I live with an expert! I mean the expert, I stand corrected (by Mark!)!

Today will be a good day

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