Sunday, November 19, 2006

Secret Eating

Why do we think if no one sees us eat it doesn't count? Or it's not as much as it was? I used to eat in the car on the way home from work, then eat more when I got home. I thought Mark wouldn't think I ate as much as I did.

But I was fat, so I must of been eating alot of food I didn't need. I wasn't "hiding " anything. I was carrying the evidence on my body. When I see an overweight person I know they are eating too much, and probably the wrong foods, and not exercising enough.

One of my favorite responses to the question " How did you lose all that weight?" is, " I stopped doing what was making me fat!". I stopped eating 4000 calories a day and I started exercising.

Now that I've been blogging for a week, I realized how much "secret eating" I had been doing. Yes, I kept a food journal, but not as religously as once had. Somehow really writing everything down keeps you out of denial. And becoming accountable is very motivating.

My "secret eating" wasn't so much the amount of calories I was eating, but what kind of calories I was eating. That's what I realized yesterday. And keeping a daily log put it right in front of me.

Dieting is an evolution. The further you get into it the more you refine it and tweak it. Like training, it's about progression and individualization.

Because of my journal I was able to see this pattern of craving sugar. I know I've cut my carbs too low when I crave sugar too much. And I had. So I'll try something different. And even though I hadn't gained weight ( the benefit of calorie counting and KB training) I wasn't happy with the division of nutrients. After all I want to live to enjoy this new body I have.

Todays menu

5-6am coffee w/ cream 60 cal.
9:30 am 120 cal.
10:30am 5 prunes w/PNB 310 cal.
2:00pm mexican veg soup w/ 4oz. chicken and 1/2 c. corn 350 cal.
3:30pm 2 hard boiled eggs 140 cal.
5:00pm whole wheat spagetti w/ broccoli sauce + add 1 c. steamed broccoli 500 cal.

Total calories 1480 Good calories!

Today was a good day.

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